Europa Investment Bank Inc


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Europa Investment Bank Inc
CRD #159917
SEC #801-74257
AUM$300.0 BB
Address1 New York Plaza
New York, NY 10004
Links IAPDexternal EDGARexternal Websiteexternal
Total AUM ($BB)
Private Fund Fund Form D Sold ($MM) AUM ($MM)
Central Intelligence Agency Directorate of Black Operations LF 1,000.0
Departamento DE Policia Federal Washington DC LF 100.0
Diesel DOG Records Inc HF 30,000.0
Europa Investment Bank Inc LF 1,000,000.0
Europa Investment Bank Inc HF 80,000.0
FBI Directorate of Black Operations LF 1,000.0
Miami-Dade Sexolon Fund LF 30,000.0
Milano Securities Group Inc HF 7,000.0
Strasburg Investment Bank Inc HF 60,000.0
United States Secret Service LF 1,000.0
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