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JNBA Financial Advisors Inc
CRD #106550
SEC #801-21522
CIK #0001569118
AUM $1.1 BB (97% Disc, 100% US, 2020-06-26)
Employees 27 (81% Investors, 0% Brokers)
Address8500 Normandale Lake Blvd
Bloomington, MN 55437
Source [IAPD] [EDGAR] [Website] [Twitter] [LinkedIn]
Total AUM ($MM)
Sector Issuer Cap ($MM) Value ($MM)
MOAT 57.7
AFL 0.0 34.8
VIG 33.8
IJH 31.8
VEA 24.0
VWO 16.7
JPST 14.0
VV 12.2
IAU 10.7
IVV 10.5
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Holdings by Sector ($)
Comparable Firms State AUM ($BB)
Capital Performance Advisors LLP
CA 1.1
United Asset Strategies Inc
NY 1.1
Usonian Investments LLC
IL 1.1
Phillips and Company Advisors LLC
OR 1.1
Marks Group Wealth Management Inc
MN 1.1
Independence Asset Advisors LLC
PA 1.1
Main Street Financial Solutions LLC
PA 1.1
Galvin Gaustad & Stein LLC
AZ 1.1
Equius Partners Inc
CA 1.1
Edgemoor Investment Advisors Inc
MD 1.1
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