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Mellon Hedge Advisors LLC
CRD #133402
SEC #801-63750
AUM $48.6 MM (100% Disc, 100% US, 2021-03-27)
Employees 11 (55% Investors, 0% Brokers)
AddressBny Mellon Center
Boston, MA 02108-4407
Source [IAPD]
Total AUM ($MM)
Comparable Firms State AUM ($BB)
Hunt Capital Management LLC
NY 0.1
NW1 Partners UK LLP
Midas Management Corporation
NY 0.1
Horizon Capital Management Inc
LA 0.1
Bretton Capital Management LLC
CA 0.0
Baird Principal Group Management Company I LLC
WI 0.0
Allianz Capital Partners of America LLC
NY 0.0
Beyond Investing LLC
FL 0.0
Radium Asset Management LLC
NY 0.0
Prospect Flexible Income Management LLC
FL 0.0
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