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Old Well Partners LLC
CRD #285195
SEC #801-112996
AUM $469.4 MM (100% Disc, 45% US, 2020-03-23)
Employees8 (75% Investors, 0% Brokers)
Address150 Brevard Court
Charlotte, NC 28202
Source [IAPD] [Website] [LinkedIn]
Total AUM ($MM)
Type Private Fund Form D Sold ($MM) AUM ($MM)
HF Old Well China Fund LP [2019-06-27] 19.9 37.2
HF Old Well Japan Fund Ltd [2018-03-26] 83.5 84.9
HF Old Well Emerging Markets Master Fund LP [2016-08-12] 122.2 290.9
HF Old Well Partners Master Fund LP [2016-07-18] 8.2 49.6
PE Old Well Special Opportunities Fund I LLC 6.8
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Fund Directors # Filings # Firms 2011 - 2020
Campbell Wilson 5 2
Crom Carmichael 2 1
David Lufty 2 1
Comparable Firms State AUM ($BB)
Landscape Capital Management LLC
NJ 0.5
Berens Capital Management LLC
NY 0.5
Albright Capital Management LP
DC 0.5
Seneca Management LLC
CO 0.5
Endicott Management Company
NY 0.5
B Riley Capital Management LLC
CA 0.5
Wasserstein & Co LP
NY 0.5
Tiger Legatus Capital Management LLC
NY 0.5
Pickering Energy Partners LP
TX 0.4
Triangle Peak Partners LP
CA 0.4
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