Invesco US Value-Add Fund V LP


Fund Information and Directors

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Invesco US Value-Add Fund V LP
Firm Invesco Advisers Inc
Fund #805-5304592349
CIK #0001704089
FundHedge Fund
Address2001 Ross Avenue
Dallas, Texas 75201
Source EDGARexternal IAPDexternal
Fund AUM and Sold ($MM)
Fund Details
DirectorIRI Fund V LLC, Ronald Ragsdale, Colin Meadows, Paul Michaels, SAM Gillespie, Annete LEGE, Peter Feinberg, Dan Kubiak, Michael C Kirby, Jason GEER, Robert H Rigsby, Duncan Walker, BERT Crouch, Tracy Green, BETH Zayicek, Lee Phegley, Mark Gregson, R Scott Dennis, JAY Hurley, Bill Grubbs
CustodianBank of America NA
MarketerInvesco Distributors Inc
Directors 2011 - 2019
Michael Kirby
Robert Rigsby
Bert Crouch
Dan Kubiak
R Dennis
Beth Zayicek
Bill Grubbs
Sam Gillespie
Jay Hurley
Paul Michaels
Entity Invesco Realty Inc
Peter Feinberg
Lee Phegley
Ronald Ragsdale
Entity Iri Fund V LLC
Comparable Firms State AUM ($BB)