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CIK #0001730168
IndustrySemiconductors & Related Devices
Address1320 Ridder Park Drive
San Jose, CA 95131
Source [EDGAR]
Market Cap, 13F ($BB)

Broadcom Inc. ("Broadcom") is the successor to Broadcom Pte. Ltd. (formerly Broadcom Limited), a Singapore company ("Broadcom-Singapore"), as a result of our redomiciliation to the United States on April 4, 2018 (the "Redomiciliation Transaction"). We are a global technology leader that designs, develops and supplies a broad range of semiconductor and infrastructure software solutions. Our over 50-year history of innovation dates back to our diverse origins from Hewlett-Packard Company, AT&T, LSI Corporation, Broadcom Corporation ("BRCM"), Brocade Communications Systems LLC ("Brocade"), CA, Inc. ("CA") and Symantec Corporation. Over the years, we have assembled a large team of semiconductor and software design engineers around the world. We maintain design, product and software development engineering resources at locations in the U.S., Asia, Europe and Israel, providing us with engineering expertise worldwide. We strategically focus our research and development resources to address niche opportunities in our target markets and leverage our extensive portfolio of U.S. and other patents, and other intellectual property ("IP") to integrate multiple technologies and create system-on-chip ("SoC") component and software solutions that target growth opportunities. We design products and software that deliver high-performance and provide mission-critical functionality.

We develop semiconductor devices with a focus on complex digital and mixed signal complementary metal oxide semiconductor ("CMOS") based devices and analog III-V based products. We have a history of innovation in the semiconductor industry and offer thousands of products that are used in end products such as enterprise and data center networking, home connectivity, set-top boxes, broadband access, telecommunication equipment, smartphones and base stations, data center servers and storage systems, factory automation, power generation and alternative energy systems, and electronic displays. We differentiate ourselves through our high performance design and integration capabilities and focus on developing products for target markets where we believe we can earn attractive margins.

Our infrastructure software solutions enable customers to plan, develop, automate, manage, and secure applications across mainframe, distributed, mobile, and cloud platforms. Many of the largest companies in the world, including most of the Fortune 500 and many government agencies, rely on our enterprise and mainframe software to help manage and secure their on-premise and hybrid cloud environments. Our portfolio of mainframe and enterprise software solutions enables customers to leverage the benefits of agility, automation, insights and security in managing business processes and technology investments. We also offer mission critical fibre channel storage area networking ("FC SAN") products and related software in the form of modules, switches and subsystems incorporating multiple semiconductor products. Following the acquisition of Symantec's Enterprise Security business, we also offer a cybersecurity solutions portfolio, including data loss prevention, endpoint protection, and web, email and cloud security solutions.

CIK Filing 2011 - 2021
[0001730168] 10-K
[0001730168] 10-Q
[0001730168] 3
[0001730168] 4
[0001730168] 8-K
[0001730168] SC 13G
Form 13D/13G Filer Form 13D/13G Subject Filed % Owned
Capital International Investors Broadcom Inc [2019-02-14] 7.6
Vanguard Group Inc Broadcom Inc [2019-02-11] 7.93
Form 3/4/5 Filer 2011-2021
Hartenstein Eddy W
Krause Thomas H
You Harry L
Kawwas Charlie B
Spears Kirsten M
Fernandez Raul J
Brazeal Mark David
Samueli Henry
Lien Justine
Bryant Diane M
Delly Gayla J
Low Check KIAN
Ingram Bryan
Marks Peter J
Macleod Donald
Eggebrecht Lewis C
Silver Lake Group LLC
Silver Lake Partners V de AIV LP
Silver Lake Technology Associates V LP
Silver Lake Technology Investors V LP
Hao Kenneth
Diller James
MM Shares Owned of 407.3 MM Total
Firm Period DFND Voting Shares
Capital World Investors [2020-09-30] DFND 39.3 39.3
Capital Research & Management Co - Division 3 [2020-09-30] DFND 34.4 34.4
Capital Research Global Investors [2020-09-30] DFND 32.9 32.9
Vanguard Group Inc [2020-09-30] SOLE 0.0 32.1
BlackRock Inc. [2020-09-30] SOLE 22.7 25.8
State Street Corp [2020-09-30] DFND 14.0 16.3
Bank of America Corp /DE/ [2020-09-30] DFND 1.4 8.3
Ameriprise Financial Inc [2020-09-30] DFND 0.0 6.4
Geode Capital Management LLC [2020-09-30] DFND 5.8 5.9
Northern Trust Corp [2020-09-30] DFND 1.4 4.6
Clearbridge Investments LLC [2020-09-30] SOLE 3.6 3.7
Bank of New York Mellon Corp [2020-09-30] DFND 2.9 3.7
Price T Rowe Associates Inc /MD/ [2020-09-30] SOLE 1.5 3.6
Nuveen Asset Management LLC [2020-09-30] DFND 3.4 3.4
Morgan Stanley [2020-09-30] DFND 0.6 2.9
Susquehanna International Group LLP [2020-09-30] DFND 0.2 2.8
Wells Fargo & Co/Mn [2020-09-30] DFND 2.3 2.6
Credit Suisse AG [2020-09-30] DFND 2.5 2.6
Citadel Advisors LLC [2020-09-30] DFND 2.3 2.3
Legal & General Group Plc [2020-09-30] DFND 1.6 2.3
UBS Group AG [2020-09-30] DFND 0.0 2.2
Macquarie Group Ltd [2020-09-30] SOLE 1.9 2.0
Parallax Volatility Advisers, LLC [2020-09-30] SOLE 1.9 1.9
Schwab Charles Investment Management Inc [2020-09-30] SOLE 1.9 1.9
JPMorgan Chase & Co [2020-09-30] DFND 1.7 1.9
Vanguard Group Inc [2020-09-30] DFND 0.0 1.9
Invesco Ltd. [2020-09-30] DFND 0.0 1.8
FMR LLC [2020-09-30] DFND 0.1 1.8
Janus Henderson Group PLC [2020-09-30] DFND 0.0 1.7
Allianz Asset Management GmbH [2020-09-30] DFND 1.7 1.7
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