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CIK #0001633931
SectorReal Estate & Construction
IndustryConstruction - Special Trade Contractors
Address260 Jimmy Ann Drive
Daytona Beach, FL 32114
Source [EDGAR]
Market Cap, 13F ($BB)

TopBuild Corp., headquartered in Daytona Beach, Florida, is a leading installer and distributor of insulation and other building products to the United States construction industry. Prior to June 30, 2015, we operated as a subsidiary of Masco, which trades on the NYSE under the symbol "MAS." We were incorporated in Delaware in February 2015 as Masco SpinCo Corp. and we changed our name to TopBuild Corp. on March 20, 2015. On June 30, 2015, the Separation was completed and on July 1, 2015, we began trading on the NYSE under the symbol "BLD."

We operate in two segments: our Installation segment, TruTeam, which accounts for 73% of our sales, and our Distribution segment, Service Partners, which accounts for 27% of our sales.

We believe that having both TruTeam and Service Partners provides us with a number of distinct competitive advantages. First, the combined buying power of our two business segments, along with our national scale, strengthens our ties to the major manufacturers of insulation and other building products. This helps to ensure we are buying competitively and ensures the availability of supply to our local branches and distribution centers. The overall effect is driving efficiencies through our supply chain. Second, being a leader in both installation and distribution allows us to more effectively reach a broader set of builder customers, regardless of their size or geographic location in the U.S., and leverage housing growth wherever it occurs. Third, during industry downturns, many insulation contractors who buy directly from manufacturers during industry peaks return to purchasing through distributors. As a result, this helps to reduce our exposure to cyclical swings in our business.

CIK Filing 2011 - 2021
[0001633931] 10-K
[0001633931] 10-Q
[0001633931] 3
[0001633931] 4
[0001633931] 5
[0001633931] 8-K
[0001633931] SC 13G
Form 13D/13G Filer Form 13D/13G Subject Filed % Owned
FMR LLC Topbuild Corp [2017-02-14] 0.0
Grantham Mayo van Otterloo & Co LLC Topbuild Corp [2017-02-13] 3.1206
Wellington Management Group LLP Topbuild Corp [2017-02-09] 6.77
Dimensional Fund Advisors LP Topbuild Corp [2017-02-09] 5.05
Silver Point Capital LP Topbuild Corp [2016-02-16] 5.5
Capital World Investors Topbuild Corp [2016-02-12] 5.9
Grantham Mayo van Otterloo & Co LLC Topbuild Corp [2016-02-12] 6.5477
Vanguard Group Inc Topbuild Corp [2016-02-10] 7.3
BlackRock Inc Topbuild Corp [2015-08-07] 12.0
Form 3/4/5 Filer 2011-2021
Volas Gerald
Peterson John S
RAIA Steven P
Buck Robert M
Machado Luis Francisco
Shoffner Jennifer
Kuhns Robert M
Donikowski Tina
Cantie Joseph S
Camden Carl T
Covington Alec C
Petrarca Mark A
Taylor Nancy M
Walther Donald E
WHAN David
Cushen David
Archer Dennis W
Whelan Margaret M
Joachimczyk Paul
Friel Michelle A
Moore Mark R
Thompson Nicholas R Jr
Reininger Robin L
Masco Corp /DE/
Sznewajs John G
Cole Kenneth G
MM Shares Owned of 34.7 MM Total
Firm Period DFND Voting Shares
BlackRock Inc. [2020-09-30] SOLE 4.0 4.1
Vanguard Group Inc [2020-09-30] SOLE 0.0 3.1
Capital Research Global Investors [2020-09-30] DFND 2.1 2.1
Dimensional Fund Advisors LP [2020-09-30] DFND 1.5 1.5
Capital World Investors [2020-09-30] DFND 1.3 1.3
State Street Corp [2020-09-30] DFND 1.0 1.2
Invesco Ltd. [2020-09-30] DFND 0.0 1.2
Wellington Management Group LLP [2020-09-30] DFND 0.0 0.9
Macquarie Group Ltd [2020-09-30] SOLE 0.9 0.9
Westfield Capital Management Co LP [2020-09-30] SOLE 0.7 0.9
FMR LLC [2020-09-30] DFND 0.2 0.8
Brown Advisory Holdings Inc [2020-09-30] DFND 0.6 0.7
AllianceBernstein LP [2020-09-30] DFND 0.6 0.7
Northern Trust Corp [2020-09-30] DFND 0.1 0.6
Price T Rowe Associates Inc /MD/ [2020-09-30] SOLE 0.1 0.5
Waddell & Reed Financial Inc [2020-09-30] DFND 0.5 0.5
Geode Capital Management LLC [2020-09-30] DFND 0.5 0.5
Bank of New York Mellon Corp [2020-09-30] DFND 0.3 0.4
Schwab Charles Investment Management Inc [2020-09-30] SOLE 0.4 0.4
Goldman Sachs Group Inc [2020-09-30] DFND 0.3 0.3
Bank of America Corp /DE/ [2020-09-30] DFND 0.1 0.3
Ranger Investment Management LP [2020-09-30] SOLE 0.3 0.3
Ameriprise Financial Inc [2020-09-30] DFND 0.0 0.2
Nuveen Asset Management LLC [2020-09-30] DFND 0.2 0.2
Emerald Advisers LLC [2020-09-30] SOLE 0.1 0.2
DZ BANK AG Deutsche Zentral Genossenschafts Bank, Frankfurt [2020-09-30] DFND 0.1 0.2
Emerald Mutual Fund Advisers Trust [2020-09-30] SOLE 0.2 0.2
Columbus Circle Investors [2020-09-30] SOLE 0.2 0.2
Deutsche Bank AG [2020-09-30] DFND 0.2 0.2
American Century Companies Inc [2020-09-30] DFND 0.2 0.2
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