Exxon Mobil


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Exxon Mobil
CIK #0000034088
SectorEnergy & Transportation
IndustryPetroleum Refining
Address5959 Las Colinas Blvd
Irving, TX 75039-2298
Source [EDGAR]
Market Cap, 13F ($BB)

Exxon Mobil Corporation was incorporated in the State of New Jersey in 1882. Divisions and affiliated companies of ExxonMobil operate or market products in the United States and most other countries of the world. Their principal business involves exploration for, and production of, crude oil and natural gas and manufacture, trade, transport and sale of crude oil, natural gas, petroleum products, petrochemicals and a wide variety of specialty products. Affiliates of ExxonMobil conduct extensive research programs in support of these businesses.

Exxon Mobil Corporation has several divisions and hundreds of affiliates, many with names that include ExxonMobil, Exxon, Esso, Mobil or XTO. For convenience and simplicity, in this report the terms ExxonMobil, Exxon, Esso, Mobil and XTO, as well as terms like Corporation, Company, our, we and its, are sometimes used as abbreviated references to specific affiliates or groups of affiliates. The precise meaning depends on the context in question.

The energy and petrochemical industries are highly competitive. There is competition within the industries and also with other industries in supplying the energy, fuel and chemical needs of both industrial and individual consumers. The Corporation competes with other firms in the sale or purchase of needed goods and services in many national and international markets and employs all methods of competition which are lawful and appropriate for such purposes.

CIK Filing 2011 - 2021
[0000034088] 10-K
[0000034088] 10-Q
[0000034088] 3
[0000034088] 4
[0000034088] 5
[0000034088] 8-K
[0000034088] SC 13G
Form 13D/13G Filer Form 13D/13G Subject Filed % Owned
State Street Corp Exxon Mobil Corp [2018-02-14] 5.04
Exxon Mobil Corp Imperial Oil Ltd [2016-02-08] 69.6
Exxon Mobil Corp Imperial Oil Ltd [2015-02-10] 69.6
Vanguard Group Inc Exxon Mobil Corp [2014-02-12] 5.23
Form 3/4/5 Filer 2011-2021
Woods Darren W
Ducharme Linda D
Wojnar Theodore J Jr
McKee Karen T
Mallon Liam M
Littleton Stephen A
Morford Craig S
Duffin Neil W
Williams Jack P Jr
Swiger Andrew P
Chapman Neil A
Spellings James M Jr
Rosenthal David S
Ebner Randall M
Milton Bryan W
Greenlee Stephen M
Reinemund Steven
Schleckser Robert N
Hansen Neil A
Weldon William C
Palmisano Samuel J
Oberhelman Douglas R
Kandarian Steven A
Frazier Kenneth C
Burns Ursula M
Braly Angela F
Avery Susan K
Hooley Joseph L
Corson Bradley W
Clarke Peter P
Verity John R
Ortwein Sara N
Dolan Michael James
Woodbury Jeffrey J
Boskin Michael J
Albers Mark W
Franklin Robert Stuart
Wascom Dennis G
Fore Henrietta
Colton William M
Brabeck Letmathe Peter
Faulkner Larry R
Tillerson Rex W
Walters Thomas R
Balagia S Jack
Cleveland Randy J
Fishman Jay S
Kelly Alan J
George William W
Cousins Michael G
Pryor Stephen D
Mulva Patrick T
Whitacre Edward E Jr
Kruger Richard Michael
Humphreys Donald D
Glass Sherman J Jr
Nelson Marilyn C
Cramer Harold R
MM Shares Owned of 4,233.8 MM Total
Firm Period DFND Voting Shares
Vanguard Group Inc [2020-09-30] SOLE 0.0 327.5
BlackRock Inc. [2020-09-30] SOLE 252.6 285.2
State Street Corp [2020-09-30] DFND 202.0 218.6
FMR LLC [2020-09-30] DFND 5.1 66.1
Geode Capital Management LLC [2020-09-30] DFND 62.4 62.6
Northern Trust Corp [2020-09-30] DFND 18.2 51.2
Bank of New York Mellon Corp [2020-09-30] DFND 34.3 41.5
Franklin Resources Inc [2020-09-30] DFND 40.7 41.2
Schwab Charles Investment Management Inc [2020-09-30] SOLE 40.1 40.3
Susquehanna International Group LLP [2020-09-30] DFND 7.9 35.7
Bank of America Corp /DE/ [2020-09-30] DFND 14.4 34.4
Capital Research Global Investors [2020-09-30] DFND 31.2 31.2
State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co [2020-09-30] SOLE 30.5 30.5
Vanguard Group Inc [2020-09-30] DFND 0.0 28.8
First Eagle Investment Management LLC [2020-09-30] SOLE 25.0 26.4
Legal & General Group Plc [2020-09-30] DFND 18.8 25.0
Price T Rowe Associates Inc /MD/ [2020-09-30] SOLE 11.7 23.6
Dimensional Fund Advisors LP [2020-09-30] DFND 22.2 23.2
Citadel Advisors LLC [2020-09-30] DFND 19.6 19.6
Morgan Stanley [2020-09-30] DFND 5.9 19.5
Swiss National Bank [2020-09-30] SOLE 17.1 17.1
Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Holdings, Inc. [2020-09-30] DFND 16.4 16.4
Credit Suisse AG [2020-09-30] DFND 14.4 15.4
Wells Fargo & Co/Mn [2020-09-30] DFND 13.0 15.0
Nuveen Asset Management LLC [2020-09-30] DFND 14.1 14.2
Royal Bank of Canada [2020-09-30] DFND 10.6 11.8
Citigroup Inc [2020-09-30] DFND 10.9 11.0
UBS Group AG [2020-09-30] DFND 0.0 10.8
Invesco Ltd. [2020-09-30] DFND 0.0 10.2
Goldman Sachs Group Inc [2020-09-30] DFND 9.4 9.8
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