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CIK #0001441816
IndustryServices-Prepackaged Software
Address229 W 43Rd Street 5th Floor
New York, NY 10036
Source [EDGAR]
Market Cap, 13F ($MM)

MongoDB is the leading modern, general purpose database platform. Our robust platform enables developers to build and modernize applications rapidly and cost-effectively across a broad range of use cases. Organizations can deploy our platform at scale in the cloud, on-premise, or in a hybrid environment. Through our unique document-based architecture, we are able to address the needs of organizations for performance, scalability, flexibility and reliability while maintaining the strengths of legacy databases. Our business model combines the developer mindshare and adoption benefits of open source with the economic benefits of a proprietary software subscription business model.

Software applications are redefining how organizations across industries engage with their customers, operate their businesses and compete with each other. To compete effectively in today's global, data-driven market environment, organizations must provide their end-users with applications that capture and leverage the vast volumes and varieties of available data. As a result, the software developers who build and maintain these applications are increasingly influential in organizations and demand for their talent has grown substantially. Consequently, organizations of all sizes and industries and across geographies have significantly increased investment in developers with the strategic goal of improving the organization's pace of innovation and competitive position.

A database is at the heart of every software application. Every software application requires a database to store, organize and process data. Large organizations can have tens of thousands of applications and associated databases. A database directly impacts an application's performance, scalability, flexibility and reliability. As a result, selecting a database is a highly strategic decision that directly affects developer productivity, application performance and organizational competitiveness.

CIK Filing 2011 - 2021
[0001441816] 10-K
[0001441816] 10-Q
[0001441816] 3
[0001441816] 4
[0001441816] 5
[0001441816] 8-K
[0001441816] D
[0001441816] SC 13D
[0001441816] SC 13G
Form 13D/13G Filer Form 13D/13G Subject Filed % Owned
BlackRock Inc Mongodb Inc [2020-02-10] 5.5
Morgan Stanley Mongodb Inc [2019-02-12] 13.9
Capital World Investors Mongodb Inc [2018-11-09] 14.9
Capital World Investors Mongodb Inc [2018-11-09] 14.9
FMR LLC Mongodb Inc [2018-08-10] 0.0
Whale Rock Capital Management LLC Mongodb Inc [2018-05-29] 16.05
Integrated Core Strategies US LLC Mongodb Inc [2018-05-21] 3.6
Whale Rock Capital Management LLC Mongodb Inc [2018-05-10] 28.74
Whale Rock Capital Management LLC Mongodb Inc [2018-04-27] 16.25
Ryan Kevin P Mongodb Inc [2018-02-14] 5.9
Merriman Dwight A Mongodb Inc [2018-02-14] 6.3
Horowitz Eliot Mongodb Inc [2018-02-14] 4.7
Ittycheria DEV Mongodb Inc [2018-02-14] 5.2
Sequoia Capital US Growth Fund IV LP Mongodb Inc [2018-02-14] 26.6
Price T Rowe Associates Inc /MD/ Mongodb Inc [2018-02-14] 9.2
Union Square Ventures 2008 LP Mongodb Inc [2018-02-13] 29.77
Vanguard Group Inc Mongodb Inc [2018-02-13] 7.26
New Enterprise Associates 14 LP Mongodb Inc [2018-02-12] 25.2
Future Fund Board of Guardians Mongodb Inc [2018-02-07] 21.4
Flybridge Capital Partners III LP Mongodb Inc [2018-02-07] 33.6
Wells Fargo & Company/MN Mongodb Inc [2018-01-30] 5.36
Gilder Gagnon Howe & Co LLC Mongodb Inc [2017-12-06] 12.74
Form 3/4/5 Filer 2011-2021
Cochran Hope F
Hazard Charles M Jr
McMahon John Dennis
Ittycheria DEV
PECH Cedric
Merriman Dwight A
Gordon Michael Lawrence
Porter Mark
BULL Thomas
Dsouza Francisco
Killalea Peter Thomas
Botha Roelof
Horowitz Eliot
Agrawal Archana
Ryan Kevin P
SC US Venture 2010 Management LP
SCGF IV Management LP
Sequoia Capital US Venture 2010 Fund LP
Sequoia Capital US Growth Fund IV LP
Sequoia Capital USGF Principals Fund IV LP
Sequoia Capital US Venture 2010 Partners Fund Q LP
Sequoia Capital US Venture 2010 Partners Fund LP
Eisenberg Meagen
Sacerdote Alexander C
Whale Rock Capital Management LLC
Flybridge Capital Partners GP III LLC
Flybridge Network Fund III LP
Aronoff David B
Bussgang Jeffrey J
Flybridge Capital Partners III LP
Delatorre Carlos
MM Shares Owned of 53.6 MM Total
Firm Period DFND Voting Shares
Capital World Investors [2020-09-30] DFND 7.2 7.2
FMR LLC [2020-09-30] DFND 0.8 5.6
BlackRock Inc. [2020-09-30] SOLE 3.9 4.2
Morgan Stanley [2020-09-30] DFND 3.8 4.1
Vanguard Group Inc [2020-09-30] SOLE 0.0 4.1
Tiger Global Management LLC [2020-09-30] SOLE 1.9 1.9
Susquehanna International Group LLP [2020-09-30] DFND 0.1 1.6
Price T Rowe Associates Inc /MD/ [2020-09-30] SOLE 0.7 1.6
JPMorgan Chase & Co [2020-09-30] DFND 1.3 1.3
Capital Research Global Investors [2020-09-30] DFND 1.3 1.3
Allianz Asset Management GmbH [2020-09-30] DFND 1.0 1.2
Wells Fargo & Co/Mn [2020-09-30] DFND 0.3 1.2
Whale Rock Capital Management LLC [2020-09-30] SOLE 1.2 1.2
State Street Corp [2020-09-30] DFND 0.8 1.0
First Trust Advisors LP [2020-09-30] SOLE 1.0 1.0
Citadel Advisors LLC [2020-09-30] DFND 0.9 0.9
Franklin Resources Inc [2020-09-30] DFND 0.9 0.9
Capital International Investors [2020-09-30] DFND 0.8 0.8
Gilder Gagnon Howe & Co LLC [2020-09-30] DFND 0.0 0.7
William Blair Investment Management LLC [2020-09-30] SOLE 0.5 0.6
Geode Capital Management LLC [2020-09-30] DFND 0.6 0.6
Parallax Volatility Advisers LP [2020-09-30] SOLE 0.6 0.6
SQN Investors LP [2020-09-30] SOLE 0.6 0.6
Frontier Capital Management Co LLC [2020-09-30] SOLE 0.3 0.5
AllianceBernstein LP [2020-09-30] DFND 0.4 0.5
Altimeter Capital Management LP [2020-09-30] SOLE 0.5 0.5
GCIC Ltd. [2020-09-30] SOLE 0.4 0.4
Bank of America Corp /DE/ [2020-09-30] DFND 0.0 0.4
D. E. Shaw & Co., Inc. [2020-09-30] DFND 0.4 0.4
Goldman Sachs Group Inc [2020-09-30] DFND 0.4 0.4
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