Suburban Propane Partners


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Suburban Propane Partners
CIK #0001005210
SectorTrade & Services
IndustryRetail-Miscellaneous Retail
AddressPO Box 206 240 Route 10 West
Wippany, NJ 07981
Source [EDGAR]
Market Cap, 13F ($BB)

Suburban Propane Partners, L.P. (the "Partnership"), a publicly traded Delaware limited partnership, is a nationwide marketer and distributor of a diverse array of products meeting the energy needs of our customers. We specialize in the distribution of propane, fuel oil and refined fuels, as well as the marketing of natural gas and electricity in deregulated markets. In support of our core marketing and distribution operations, we install and service a variety of home comfort equipment, particularly in the areas of heating and ventilation. We believe, based on LP/Gas Magazine dated February 2019, that we are the third largest retail marketer of propane in the United States, measured by retail gallons sold in the calendar year 2018. As of September 28, 2019, we were serving the energy needs of approximately 1.0 million residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural customers through approximately 700 locations in 41 states with operations principally concentrated in the east and west coast regions of the United States, as well as portions of the midwest region of the United States and Alaska. We sold approximately 426.7 million gallons of propane and 29.8 million gallons of fuel oil and refined fuels to retail customers during the year ended September 28, 2019. Together with our predecessor companies, we have been continuously engaged in the retail propane business since 1928.

We conduct our business principally through Suburban Propane, L.P., a Delaware limited partnership, which operates our propane business and assets (the "Operating Partnership"), and its direct and indirect subsidiaries. Our general partner, and the general partner of our Operating Partnership, is Suburban Energy Services Group LLC (the "General Partner"), a Delaware limited liability company whose sole member is the Chief Executive Officer of the Partnership. Since October 19, 2006, the General Partner has no economic interest in either the Partnership or the Operating Partnership (which means that the General Partner is not entitled to any cash distributions of either partnership, nor to any cash payment upon the liquidation of either partnership, nor any other economic rights in either partnership) other than as a holder of 784 Common Units of the Partnership. Additionally, under the Third Amended and Restated Agreement of Limited Partnership (the "Partnership Agreement") of the Partnership, there are no incentive distribution rights for the benefit of the General Partner. The Partnership owns (directly and indirectly) all of the limited partner interests in the Operating Partnership. The Common Units represent 100% of the limited partner interests in the Partnership.

Direct and indirect subsidiaries of the Operating Partnership include Suburban Heating Oil Partners, LLC, which owns and operates the assets of our fuel oil and refined fuels business; Agway Energy Services, LLC, which owns and operates the assets of our natural gas and electricity business; and Suburban Sales and Service, Inc., which conducts a portion of our service work and appliance and parts business. Our fuel oil and refined fuels, natural gas and electricity and services businesses are structured as either limited liability companies that are treated as corporations or corporate entities (collectively referred to as "Corporate Entities") and, as such, are subject to corporate level income tax.

CIK Filing 2011 - 2021
[0001005210] 10-K
[0001005210] 10-Q
[0001005210] 3
[0001005210] 4
[0001005210] 5
[0001005210] 8-K
[0001005210] SC 13G
Form 13D/13G Filer Form 13D/13G Subject Filed % Owned
Invesco Ltd Suburban Propane Partners LP [2019-06-10] 11.7
Oppenheimerfunds Inc Suburban Propane Partners LP [2017-02-09] 6.37
Neuberger Berman Group LLC Suburban Propane Partners LP [2013-02-14] 5.419
Form 3/4/5 Filer 2011-2021
Ross Robert T
Cleffi Francesca
Tate DEE Arthur
Boyd Daniel W
Boyd Gregory L
Dambrosio A Davin
Koepke Bryon Lee
Scanlon Neil
Brinkworth Douglas
Boyd Steven C
Stivala Michael A
Kuglin Michael
Stookey John Hoyt
Schueler Michael A
Bloomstein Daniel S
Onderdonk Keith P
Zwickel Sandra N
Logan Harold R Jr
Swift Jane
Abel Paul
Landuyt William M
Connors Terence J
Caldwell Lawrence C
Chanin Matthew J
Collins John D
Wienberg Mark
Keating Michael M
Mecum Dudley C II
Dunn Michael J Jr
MM Shares Owned of 61.8 MM Total
Firm Period DFND Voting Shares
Invesco Ltd. [2020-09-30] DFND 0.0 8.7
Morgan Stanley [2020-09-30] DFND 0.9 1.1
UBS Group AG [2020-09-30] DFND 0.0 0.7
Goldman Sachs Group Inc [2020-09-30] DFND 0.7 0.7
State Treasurer State of Michigan [2020-09-30] SOLE 0.6 0.6
Clearbridge Advisors, LLC [2020-09-30] SOLE 0.6 0.6
Barclays PLC [2020-09-30] SOLE 0.5 0.5
Arrowstreet Capital Limited Partnership [2020-09-30] DFND 0.3 0.4
Hotchkis & Wiley Capital Management LLC [2020-09-30] SOLE 0.3 0.4
Energy Income Partners LLC [2020-09-30] OTR 0.0 0.3
Susquehanna International Group LLP [2020-09-30] DFND 0.2 0.3
Levin Capital Strategies LP [2020-09-30] OTR 0.0 0.3
Federated Investors Inc /PA/ [2020-09-30] DFND 0.2 0.2
California Public Employees Retirement System [2020-09-30] SOLE 0.2 0.2
Citadel Advisors LLC [2020-09-30] DFND 0.1 0.1
A. D. Beadell Investment Counsel, Inc. [2020-09-30] SOLE 0.0 0.1
Rafferty Asset Management LLC [2020-09-30] SOLE 0.1 0.1
PEAK6 Investments LLC [2020-09-30] DFND 0.1 0.1
Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Holdings, Inc. [2020-09-30] DFND 0.1 0.1
Jane Street Group LLC [2020-09-30] DFND 0.0 0.1
Bank of America Corp /DE/ [2020-09-30] DFND 0.0 0.1
Novare Capital Management LLC [2020-09-30] SOLE 0.1 0.1
Wells Fargo & Co/Mn [2020-09-30] DFND 0.1 0.1
Ameriprise Financial Inc [2020-09-30] DFND 0.0 0.1
Russell Investments Group, Ltd. [2020-09-30] DFND 0.0 0.1
LPL Financial LLC [2020-09-30] SOLE 0.0 0.1
Raymond James Financial Services Advisors Inc [2020-09-30] SOLE 0.0 0.1
First Republic Investment Management Inc [2020-09-30] SOLE 0.1 0.1
Simplex Trading LLC [2020-09-30] SOLE 0.1 0.1
Guggenheim Capital LLC [2020-09-30] DFND 0.0 0.1
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