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CIK #0000732717
IndustryTelephone Communications (No Radiotelephone)
Address208 S Akard St Attn : Andrew Libera
Dallas, TX 75202
Source [EDGAR]
Market Cap, 13F ($BB)

A reference to a "Note" refers to the Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements in Item 8.

AT&T, formerly known as SBC Communications Inc. (SBC), was formed as one of several regional holding companies created to hold AT&T Corp.'s (ATTC) local telephone companies. On January 1, 1984, we were spun-off from ATTC pursuant to an anti-trust consent decree, becoming an independent publicly-traded telecommunications services provider. At formation, we primarily operated in five southwestern states.

Following our formation, we have expanded our footprint and operations by acquiring various businesses, most significantly:

CIK Filing 2011 - 2021
[0000732717] 10-K
[0000732717] 10-Q
[0000732717] 3
[0000732717] 4
[0000732717] 5
[0000732717] 8-K
[0000732717] SC 13D
[0000732717] SC 13G
Form 13D/13G Filer Form 13D/13G Subject Filed % Owned
Vanguard Group Inc AT&T Inc [2015-02-11] 5.4
AT&T Inc LEAP Wireless International Inc [2013-07-18] 29.9
AT&T Inc Nextwave Wireless Inc [2012-08-13] 67.5
Form 3/4/5 Filer 2011-2021
McElfresh Jeffery S
Huntley David S
Lee Lori M
Stankey John T
Stephenson Randall L
Stephens John Joseph
Santone Angela
McAtee David R II
Yang Geoffrey Y
Taylor Cindy B
Rose Matthew K
Mooney Beth E
McCallister Michael B
Luczo Stephen J
Kennard William E
Lee Debra L
Hutchins Glenn H
Ford Scott T
Fisher Richard W
DI Piazza Samuel A Jr
Warner Media LLC
Central European Media Enterprises Ltd
TW Media Holdings LLC
Time Warner Media Holdings BV
Kilar Jason
Tyson Laura D
Gillespie Edward W
Lesser Brian D
Blase William A Jr
Donovan John
Roche Joyce M
Quinn Robert W Jr
Arroyo F Thaddeus
de La VEGA Rafael
Cicconi James W
McCoy John B