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Blackstone Infrastructure Advisors LLC
CRD #289751
SEC #801-111714
CIK #0001845724
AUM $28.6 BB (95% Disc, 99% US, 2021-03-31)
Employees 29 (72% Investors, 3% Brokers)
Address345 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10154
Source [IAPD] [EDGAR] [Website] [Twitter] [LinkedIn] [Facebook] [Instagram]
Total AUM ($BB)
Type Form D Funds Date Sold ($MM) AUM ($MM)
HF Blackstone Infrastructure Prairie Partners LP [2020-08-28] 0.0 693.5
HF Blackstone Infrastructure Partners Supplemental Account T LP 2019-03-31 96.5
HF Blackstone Infrastructure Partners - U LP [2019-03-31] 501.0 501.9
HF Blackstone Infrastructure Partners - V Feeder LP [2019-02-26] 1,766.2 1,760.4
HF Blackstone Infrastructure Partners F1 LP [2018-08-28] 538.5 536.0
HF Blackstone Infrastructure Partners F2 LP [2018-08-28] 1,514.3 1,507.4
HF Blackstone Infrastructure Partners F3 Lux SCSP [2018-08-28] 368.5 366.8
HF Blackstone Infrastructure Partners LP [2018-08-28] 2,057.7 2,048.2
HF Blackstone Infrastructure Partners Supplemental Account II LP [2018-08-28] 10.1 10.1
HF Blackstone Infrastructure Partners Supplemental Account LP [2018-08-28] 216.1 216.8
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Form D Directors # Filings # Firms 2011 - 2021
Matthew Skurbe 142
Kathleen Skero 113
Christopher Striano 58
Omar Rehman 53
Vikrant Sawhney 40
John Sutherland 6
Christopher Placca 12
Sean Klimczak 10
Tia Breakley 10
Blackstone Infrastructure Advisors LLC 8
EDGAR Form CIK 2011 - 2021
13F-NT [0001845724]
Related Firms State AUM ($BB)
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NY 94.8
Blackstone Real Estate Advisors LP
NY 92.2
Blackstone Alternative Asset Management LP
NY 65.5
GSO Capital Partners LP
NY 57.0
Blackstone Property Advisors LP
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Blackstone Liquid Credit Strategies LLC
NY 43.1
Strategic Partners Fund Solutions Advisors LP
NY 41.6
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Blackstone Multi-Asset Advisors LLC
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Blackstone Alternative Investment Advisors LLC
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GSO Asset Management LLC
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Blackstone Structured Products Advisors LP
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Blackstone Real Estate Advisors Europe LP
NY 6.1
Blackstone ISG-II Advisors LLC
NY 3.3
Blackstone Strategic Alliance Advisors LLC
NY 2.5
Blackstone Real Estate Income Advisors LLC
NY 0.6
Blackstone Real Estate Advisors V LP
NY 0.5
Blackstone Treasury Solutions Advisors LLC
NY 0.4
CT Investment Management Co LLC
NY 0.3
Blackstone Real Estate Advisors IV LLC
NY 0.1
Blackstone Real Estate Advisors International LLC
NY 0.0
Blackstone Mezzanine Advisors LP
NY 0.0
BX REIT Advisors LLC
NY 0.0
Comparable Firms State AUM ($BB)
Research Affiliates LLC
CA 31.3
Moore Capital Management LP
NY 30.3
Los Angeles Capital Management and Equity Research Inc
CA 29.4
Pharo Management Inc
NY 29.4
Blackstone Tactical Opportunities Advisors LLC
NY 28.8
Knights of Columbus Asset Advisors LLC
CT 28.7
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NY 28.4
GSA Capital Partners LLP
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NY 26.2
Tenaron Capital Management LP
NY 26.0
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