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WL Ross & Co LLC
CRD #141854
SEC #801-67779
CIK #0001202045
AUM $2.6 BB (84% Disc, 56% US, 2020-03-30)
Employees 33 (21% Investors, 6% Brokers)
Address1166 Avenue of The Americas
New York, NY 10036
Source [IAPD] [EDGAR] [Website]
Total AUM ($BB)
Sector Form 13F Holdings Cap ($MM) Value ($MM)
NVGS 523.2 182.8
DSSI 61.4
Holdings by Sector ($MM)
Type Form D Funds Date Sold ($MM) AUM ($MM)
PE WLR IV Parallel ESC LP 2017-03-30 4.2
PE WLR V Parallel ESC LP 2017-03-30 4.2
PE WLR Recovery Fund VI Cayman LP 2016-08-02 0.0
PE WLR Recovery Fund VI LP [2016-03-08] 0.0 0.0
PE WLR Cardinal Mezzanine Fund LP 2015-03-31 315.8
PE WLR Eurobank Investment LP 2015-03-31 0.0
PE WLR Navig8 Co-Investment LP 2015-03-31 31.6
PE WLR IAC Co-Invest LP 2014-04-28 30.7
PE Wlr-Sc Financing Conduit LLC 2014-04-28 184.0
PE Transportation Recovery Fund LP [2014-03-28] 457.7 504.4
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Limited Partners2011 - 2021
California Public Employees' Retirement System
New Jersey Division of Investment
North Carolina Retirement Services
Oregon Public Employees Retirement Fund
Form D Directors # Filings # Firms 2011 - 2021
Benjamin Gruder 3
Michael Gibbons 22
Gregory Stoeckle 9
Stephen Toy 5
Wilbur Jr Ross 3
EDGAR Form CIK 2011 - 2021
13F-HR [0001202045]
13F-NT [0001202045]
3 [0001202045]
4 [0001202045]
SC 13D [0001202045]
SC 13G [0001202045]
Form 13D/13G Filer Form 13D/13G Subject Filed
WL Ross & Co LLC Diamond S Shipping Inc [2019-04-08]
WL Ross & Co LLC Oceanfirst Financial Corp [2018-02-16]
WL Ross & Co LLC Talmer Bancorp Inc [2015-02-13]
WL Ross & Co LLC BankUnited Inc [2012-02-14]
Form 3/4/5 Subject 2011-2021
Invesco Private Capital Inc
Invesco WLR V Associates LLC
WLR IV Parallel ESC LP
WLR Recovery Associates IV DSS AIV GP Ltd
WLR Recovery Associates IV DSS AIV LP
WLR Recovery Fund IV DSS AIV LP
WLR V Parallel ESC LP
Diamond S Shipping Inc
Invesco WLR IV Associates LLC
WLR Recovery Associates IV LLC
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Related Firms State AUM ($BB)
Invesco Advisers Inc
GA 675.2
Invesco Capital Management LLC
IL 237.6
Invesco Asset Management Ltd
Invesco Senior Secured Management Inc
NY 37.0
Invesco Hong Kong Limited
Invesco Asset Management Deutschland GmbH
Invesco Canada Ltd
Invesco Asset Management Japan Limited
Invesco Real Estate Management S RL
Invesco Investment Advisers LLC
IL 10.1
Invesco Asset Management India PVT Ltd
Invesco RR Fund LP
NY 3.6
Invesco Global Real Estate Asia Pacific Inc
GA 3.1
WL Ross & Co LLC
NY 2.6
Invesco Private Capital Inc
NY 1.5
Invesco European RR LP
NY 1.4
Invesco LLC
IL 0.2
Comparable Firms State AUM ($BB)
Kopernik Global Investors LLC
FL 2.8
Clearwater Management Co Inc
MN 2.7
P Schoenfeld Asset Management LP
NY 2.7
Taiyo Pacific Partners LP
WA 2.7
Tinicum Incorporated
NY 2.7
Seer Capital Management LP
NY 2.6
Valiant Capital Management LP
CA 2.6
Foresite Capital Management LLC
CA 2.6
GS Investment Strategies LLC
NY 2.6
HC Capital Partners LLC
PA 2.5
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